Thursday, November 7, 2013

Dub Temple Records - DTR Mixtape [Mixtape] [2013]

Dub Temple Records - DTR Mixtape [Mixtape] 
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01. Red-I - Sabi Nila 
02. Caliph8 - The Bop Thickens
03. Pasta Groove - Run It Down 
04. ATLASt - George and Lorraine
05. Walrii - Rocel (Take 2) 
06. Samedi Sound System Meets Science Project in Dub - Dub the Gangee
07. Blood Dunza - Poor Man Stands Strong
08. Grimes - Voodoo Jungle Remix
09. Voodoo Dred - Mothership
10. 8M∆N - Madness Dub 
11. Sujamma - 555 Dub Street Remix 
12. Hope One - Saturn x Hope 
13. Outkast - Ms Jackson (Sauce Remix)
14. Green Nose - Underwater Pyramid (Voodoo Dred Remix)
15. Provis - On a Whim
16. Walrii - Sunsets/Keep On (Exclusive)**
17. House of Shaolins Promo Mix by Walrii *** 

Dub Temple Records - DTR Mixtape To mark the DTR 2013 Asia Tour through Indonesia, Vietnam, Philippines, Hong Kong and China we've put together this free compilation featuring all the artists on the tour from Australia, Phillipines and Hong Kong. 16 tracks deep, this compilation covers the breadth of DTRs well of talent, topped off with an exclusive Walrii track and a journey mix that travels through DTRs choice cuts and obscure dubs.

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