Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Klaus Layer - Adventures Of Captain Crook [Beat Tape] [2013]

Klaus Layer - Adventures Of Captain Crook [Beat Tape] 
(Click Cover To Stream) 

01 - All Of The Time (Instrumental) 
02 - Company (Instrumental)
03 - Into a Sky (Instrumental)
04 - Illest In Charge featuring Blu
05 - In My Mind (Instrumental)
06 - Truly (Instrumental)
07 - Touch (Instrumental) 
08 - Slow Down (Instrumental)
09 - Come Back featuring Blu & Scienze, Cuts by DJ V.Raeter 
10 - Illest In Charge (Instrumental)

Klaus Layer - Adventures Of Captain Crook Klaus Layer's "The Adventures of Captain Crook" (cassette version) is part of the blank tape tribute series, an ongoing collaboration between Redefinition Records & Strictly Cassette. 

Additional tapes and related content (audio, videos, interviews and articles) will be published as the series evolves and progresses. 

-- DOWNLOAD A RECORDING OF THIS WHOLE TAPE FOR FREE (direct-out cassette recording from a Sony Walkman model FX290w). 

-- BUY THIS CASSETTE TAPE FOR $10: www.redefinitionrecords.com/tapes 

-- Also on Vinyl, CD & all digital formats (including iTunes, spotify, band camp, etc).

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