Wednesday, November 27, 2013

MikeDbeatsBYd - 1982 [Beat Tape] [2013]

MikeDbeatsBYd - 1982 [Beat Tape] 
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01.Tales From A Stoned Trailblazer
02.El Hombre Cocodrillo 
03.Revisiting The Past
04.Blake Lively 
05.But, What That Mouth Do
06.Chasing The White Pony
07.Re Reversed 
08.Change of Scenery 
09.Goodbye Summer, Hello Fall 
10.Bright Lights, Bright City 
11.Vegas & Redheads
12.Cloud Hopping
14.Reset Marvin Gaye Intermission
15.Hannah Simone
16.Live From Dallas
17.Roll Credits A Little Something Extra

MikeDbeatsBYd - 1982

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