Saturday, November 9, 2013

Sir Froderick - LA MELTDOWN [Beat Tape] [2013]

Sir Froderick - LA MELTDOWN [Beat Tape]
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01. just landed 
02. acting up at the party 
03. let the games begin
04. he changed 
05. another beautiful day in LA
06. calm fibs
07. petty bird 
08. eruke 
09. jeep beat
10. he hollywood now 
11. I'm done
12. better off 
13. name dropping 
14. are you done?

Sir Froderick - LA MELTDOWN L.A. Meltdown is the 2nd episode of Sir Froderick's tape series. This episode is set in Los Angeles. Froderick begins his stay of LA roaming deserted streets, an adult comic book shop, and attending a few producer shows, before being arrested and taken to prison to be executed. Froderick then breaks out and explores a record shop , before ending up in Barry's Place to lay down the soundtrack to this Meltdown.

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