Monday, December 2, 2013

Darko Needs Your Love, You Mongrels! New Album: Loser [Video] [2013]

I'm DarkoTheSuper, also known as Doc Heller, or Evan Souza. I'm an abstract Hip-Hop musician residing in Yardley, PA. I started writing rhymes in 10th grade mainly because I had a passion for Rap music and searched for an outlet, being a loser in high school of course. Like many, I just wanted to be acknowledged, and was tired of being the invisible man like Nick Halloway. I was first inspired by hardcore rap and wanted revenge on my peers, but after a while I realized what I really wanted was love. I became inspired by more conscious underground Hip-Hop and some 90's Alternative Rock. I was especially influenced by the likes of MF DOOM, Beck, Eyedea, and Nirvana. During my last year of High School, around Prom, I was way too afraid to ask out the girl I liked so instead I stayed home and listened to Loser by Beck over and over. This album is inspired by that song and my mostly terrible time in high school, as well as the time shortly thereafter. I literally ate my lunch in the bathroom so I didn't have to interact with other human beings. Most those days I listened to Madvillain to comfort me. I'd write rhymes in my head during class and memorize them until I could get home and record. Now a few years out of school, I'm beginning to feel like a loser once again, reflecting on those days. I'm jobless and broke after spending all my graduation money on equipment, features and production for this record. I wanted to put everything I had into this. It's my follow up to my first true album "I've Been In My Mind Too Long." I really loved that album and got a lot of love for it but still long for more. Basically I need money, and that's why I'm setting this up. Music is my life and dream, and any support or donation would mean the world to me. I have a lot to prove: I want to spread my philosophies to anyone that will listen. Recognition is lovely but I really need to make this my living. I was at a very low point in my life when I started to write tracks for "Loser" - in turn most songs were about unrequited love and suicide. I'm happy to say that it evolved from that and became a truly wonderful opus and journey into the weirdo rap of my Darko world. I truly hope people enjoy the record and can help it become a success. It's truly much bigger than myself, and I wanna thank everyone who is a part of it, including some of my favorite emcees and producers who I'm proud to say I've worked with. 

Any money I make from this campaign will go towards funding the production and features I purchased for the album including: AbJo, KVZE, Murdoc, and Open Mike Eagle. It will also help to get CD and Cassette copies made for "Loser," and any promotion I buy to help spread the word. Perks include video chat conferencing where I'll make a beat specifically for you and answer any questions you may have. Also a poem written specially by me for you. A digital copy of the album before anyone else including extra bonus tracks. And a live performance for you and your friends over live feed or at a party of your choice if you're in the Philadelphia area. I understand most people can't contribute but if you'd like to help, please spread the word. Share the campaign around, listen to the album singles, give feedback, tell your friends, family, anyone who'd be interested about DarkoTheSuper. Much love to you all, Peace!

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