Thursday, December 12, 2013

Jaz Infinite - 93 Culture [Beat Tape] [2013]

Jaz Infinite - 93 Culture [Beat Tape] 
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01. New Era 
02. To The Top 
03. Respect the Contender 
04. I Am Culture 
05. Check It Out
06. Dust To Dust 
07. Underground Lovely 
08. Unda Dweller
09. All Praises Due (Thank You) 
10. Coming From The 
11. Stay Calm
12. Low Down 
13. Chill, Maintain 
14. Stop Time 
15. Duckin the Beast 
16. Bumrush the Sound 
17. Represent Kid
18. What U Heard 
19. Mad Ill Shine 
20. Da Ova Level 
21. I Got Mines Yo
22. On the Run 
23. Universal Seeds

Jaz Infinite - 93 Culture  
93 Culture is my ode to the golden era of boom bap hip-hop. To keep it authenticate as possible I created this album using only the techniques and tools typically used in the early 90s. DJ Chorizo Funk mixed the instrumentals in that classic mixtape format and Dinco D of the Leaders of The New School came through on the hosting tip to keep the vibe going.

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