Tuesday, December 24, 2013

JDiablo - Giftstrumental [Beat Tape] [2013]

JDiablo - Giftstrumental [Beat Tape] 
(Click Cover To Download)

01. The Gifted (Intro) *SOLD* 
02. Living Good
03. Dont Waste Time
04. Faithful To Success *SOLD*
05. Stands Supreme 
06. Fine Art
07. King of the Classico
08. Make Dream Come True 
09. Giftstrumental
10. Number One
11. Let Down

JDiablo - Giftstrumental MERRY CHRISTMAS EVE! New beat tape from @JDiablo aka Wally West titled "Giftstrumental". As a sample, listeners can find 11 beats available for stream above. Emcees, producer, DJs, lovers of the culture, enjoy….

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