Thursday, December 26, 2013

REDESIGNYOURMINDMUZIK Presents... - VOLUME TWO [Compilation] [2013]

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01. D.W_ - Regulate_ 
02. SWARVY - Retro Grade 
03. eu-IV - W e A k. 
04. BDoss - Golden 
05. Simba - Be Strong (Don't Run) 
06. Kenny Keys - True Sermon 
07. Monomite - Or just a week...
09. Fwego. - 1993 
10. The INF - Creepszzz 
11. ShunGu - astral.projection 
12. Reverson Atlantic - Disco Delight 
13. See Dee - F*** Love 
14. Maverick Soul - Anima 
15. Wino Willy - Enjoy Yourself 
16. REKchampa - Chord Texture 2 
17. VINK - Inside This Love 
18. Blaqmozar - Ketch The Vibe 
19. Code 3 - Project Zero 

REDESIGNYOURMINDMUZIK Presents... - VOLUME TWO Here we are again. Thank you for taking the time to listen and/or download the first REDESIGNYOURMINDMUZIK compilation and this one. It is an honor to present this collection of previously released/unreleased/exclusive music. We here at REDESIGNYOURMINDMUZIK aren't concerned with being 'the best' but with doing our best to create and share quality music with the world and I hope these sounds will help motivate or inspire you in life,wherever you may be. Thank you very much to all the artists that contributed and for believing in my (our) vision. I look forward to the future and what it has in store for us all!! - Mr. Merge

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