Tuesday, February 27, 2024

Phoniks - The Cashmere Tape [Remixes] [2024]


Phoniks - The Cashmere Tape [Remixes] 
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01. Feelin It (Phoniks Remix) 
02. Cashmere Thoughts (Phoniks Remix)
03. Can I Live (Phoniks Remix)
04. D'Evils (Phoniks Remix)
05. 22 Two's (Phoniks Remix) 
06. Dead Presidents (Phoniks Remix) 
07. Regrets (Phoniks Remix) 
08. Brooklyn's Finest ft Biggie (Phoniks Remix)
09. Bring It On ft Jaz-O + Sauce Money (Phoniks Remix)
10. Politics As Usual (Phoniks Remix) 
11. Can't Knock The Hustle (Phoniks Remix) 
12. Ain't No ft Foxy Brown (Phoniks Remix)

Phoniks - The Cashmere Tape 

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