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Trust One - Order Out Of Chaos [Instrumentals] [2024]


Trust One - Order Out Of Chaos [Instrumentals]
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01. Organize 
02. Hope 
03. From The Heart
04. Cocktails 
05. Stardust (Featuring Nuse Tyrant)
06. Fall Back 
07. Crosseyed 
08. Attention
09. Collide A Scope 
10. Shadowbox 
11. YKTV (Featuring Nuse Tyrant)
12. Threat (Featuring Sam R I)
13. Rain Clouds
14. Deja Vu
15. Victory 
16. Pride 
17. Details (Featuring Sam R I) 
18. Crime Scene
19. Aquatix 
20. Trenches 
21. Intellect 
22. Mindstate

Trust One - Order Out Of Chaos


Also Available On: Cassette  CD

Order out of Chaos is a bold and audacious musical exploration. An excellent roller coaster of emotions and vivid pictures painted by Trust One.

A soul stirring journey through dark, intricate drum patterns and sonic soundscapes. This album transcends traditional hip hop boundaries weaving through a labyrinth of meticulous grooves. The album brings you on an adventure with a myriad of unique styles. From the gritty boom bap sound of Attention, to the subtle escape of reality on tracks like Intellect.

This album takes you on a mind altering tour of soulful vocals, cosmic energy, psychedelic funk, chaotic beauty, an intellectual puzzle to ears. Definitely something for the authentic hip hop fan. This kaleidoscope of sound commands focus. From the grimey, head nod beat on Threat, to the trippy, jazz grooves of Cocktails, this album has something for everyone.

Order out of Chaos isn’t just an album; it’s an emotional odyssey with beats that speak louder than words, inviting listeners to feel, reflect, and groove. Whether you’re a hip-hop head or a casual listener, this album leaves an indelible mark

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