Sunday, July 7, 2024

MF GRIMM X DRASAR - American Hunger Rebirth Vol.2 [Album] [2024]


MF GRIMM X DRASAR - American Hunger Rebirth Vol.2 [Album] 
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01. F*ck You
02. Still My Love
03. American Hunger (?)
04. Streets
05. Give
06. Right There
07. Page Six
08. The Whole World Featuring – Infinit EVOL*
09. Children Of Abel
10. Simple Rhyme
11. Lift Me Up

MF GRIMM X DRASAR - American Hunger Rebirth Vol.2

If you are a dedicated supporter of Vendetta Vinyl – you will remember that AMERICAN HUNGER REBIRTH was available on Dsp’s for a BRIEF period in 2019….FFWD to 2024 and the wax is finally seeing the light of day….

AH2 symbolizes the body of work MFGRIMM & DRASAR MONUMENTAL released from 2011-2019…The material the duo dropped still sounds as explosive and creative as ever, and AH2 is a prime example….This is literally a film on wax – character development, dramatic segues, unpredictable twist and turns, and ultimately trials, tribulations & elevation like the cover art states….

Speaking of cover art – it was created by KEO (Hip Hop historian, graff powerhouse & the man responsible for hand crafting MF DOOM’S mask)….

We are now shipping worldwide – no slouching, sleeping or snoozing because these pieces will vanish extremely fast..Thanks for your support over the years it is appreciated to the fullest extent..

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