Friday, July 5, 2013

SickaSounds,JuSova,Marqui - #Soundsofreality [Beat Tape] [2013]

SickaSounds,JuSova,Marqui - #Soundsofreality [Beat Tape] 
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01.OutSide Intro ProdBy.SickaSounds
02.Hustler Story ProdBy.SickaSounds 
03.Cold Life Prodby.SickaSounds
04.R&B ProdBy.SickaSounds 
05.Church ProdBy.SickaSounds
06.Listen Baby Prodby.SickaSounds
07.Baby ProdBy.SickaSounds 
08.Only You Prodby.SickaSounds
09.Remind Me ProdBy.SickaSounds
10.Those Yrs ProdBy.SickaSounds 
11.Reprise Prodby.SickaSounds 
12.Forget Me Prodby.SickaSounds
13.Rock Of Ages ProdBy.SickaSounds
14.Body Electric Prodby.SickaSounds,JuSova, Marqui 
15.Crazy On You ProdBy SickaSounds 

SickaSounds,JuSova,Marqui - #Soundsofreality

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