Tuesday, August 20, 2013

malakai beats - Derbyshire DOOM [Remixes] [2013]

malakai beats - Derbyshire DOOM [Remixes] 
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01. Air 
02. My Favorite Ladies 
03. Effervescent Vomit
04. Run the Beat
05. It Aint Nuttin']

malakai beats - Derbyshire DOOM This is what happens when you combine MF DOOM acapellas with beats crafted entirely from Delia Derbyshire samples. I had actually planned for this album without even realizing it for a long time. I knew I wanted to do something different, and I especially knew I wanted to pay homage to two of my biggest musical inspirations. How this project came about was through the idea of basically doing a remix mixtape featuring underground East Coast emcees. Originally this was intended to be just random beats in the vein of Victory. However, this idea soon collided with the realization that now was the time to do a proper homage to Delia Derbyshire, which is something I had wanted to do ever since I first learned of her work. It came as somewhat of a surprise when I learned that virtually no one has sampled her (she herself was a sample-based musician in an era before synths became commonplace in audio production). In a lot of ways, Derbyshire paved the way for modern day hip-hop production. That sounds like a bold statement but when you trace back the legacies of those who came before us, it's very easy to see Derbyshire's vast influence over sampling, looping, cutting, and shaping recorded sounds. Bear in mind she was working through the medium of tape, which meant hours upon hours of cutting and pasting in a non point-and-click environment. In fact, whenever she needed notes to form a melody it meant cutting every single one out by hand. She was to the tape machine what Pete Rock is to the MPC. I spent about 2 weeks making this album, and I employed some of the same sampling techniques that Derbyshire herself used to shape her sounds into something similar and yet at the same time different and new. The idea to use DOOM vocals came about naturally as I began producing these beats. For the longest time I had wanted to produce a DOOM remix, and the stars must have been aligned just right because everything just seemed to fit. It was almost as if the album produced itself, and I was a mere spectator in the process. The EP has been out for a few days now and already it's beginning to receive some praise. Also, it's a free download! If you're a DOOM fan chances are you might dig it, and for anyone who listens to this record who has never heard of Delia Derbyshire before, I hope it inspires you to study not only her work but also numerous other greats who have paved the way for us today.

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