Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Various Artists - Beat The Sample [Compilation] [2013]

Various Artists - Beat The Sample [Compilation] 
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01. Round 01 - Defcon
02. Round 02 - Lause Bub Beats
03. Round 03 - Produktiv
04. Round 04 - Donnalbain 
05. Round 05 - blAkebeAtz 
06. Round 06 - Meth Hans 
07. Round 07 - Charlie Choplin 
08. Round 08 - Melodic 
09. Round 09 - Melodic
10. Round 10 - Sceptika 
11. Bonus 01: G-niuz - Some Kind of Shit 
12. Bonus 02: Das Jannek - Akina
13. Bonus 03: Beatljuice - The Netherworld 
14. Bonus 04: BergischerFrank - Liebe & Angst 
15. Bonus 05: Mistahsmth - Ya Playin Yaself 
16. Bonus 06: Yochen Weiß - Liar 
17. Bonus 07: DeadBeatBS - The Diary 
18. Bonus 08: Nash One - Schattenwelt

Various Artists - Beat The Sample The group "Beat The sample" consists of a small pile of beat makers from around the world who have come together around in what measure do they prefer it! Each participant has the opportunity to propose a sample and then tuned within the group which Sample used wird.Danach everyone has the goat has a week's time to a beat abzuliefern.Und at the end, the group itself becomes the jury and declare it the best beat! after 10 rounds we then decided to pack all the winners on an album and plus some bonus beats from other Members with this packed! The album is a "Free Download" because we want to make any shaft but simply use the opportunities to enlarge our audience and to make new connections! Each is represented on this album a unique approach when it comes to beats and the mixture end up making the music! We hope you enjoy listening to or what you else organized it and who Bock join the group to be with next projects with this is welcome! link to the Facebook group "Beat The sample".

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