Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Prosodi J. - Stvff !n My Mnd [LP] [Beat Tape] [2013]

Prosodi J. - Stvff !n My Mnd [LP] [Beat Tape] 
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 01. Take Flight
 02. Sora 
 03. Colder World 
 04. Her
 05. Serene
 06. BPM 55
 07. Bad Choices
 08. Mori 
 09. Mu
 10. Stumbling 
 11. Re-Hikari 
 12. Escape 
 13. You Are Everything To Me 
 14. Lean on Someone
 15. Internal Anguish 
 16. Final Round
 17. Watch Over Me

 Prosodi J. - Stvff !n My Mnd [LP] 一 Stvff !n My Mnd is the third independently released full length LP by Soul-Hop composer Prosodi J. Released on his own Bittah Genius label, it continues his production tradition of blending various genres of music to create experimental instrumental hip hop fusion. 

 Known for his drawing inspiration from a wide range of musical styles, the album samples sonic sources ranging everywhere from Japanese Anime and Mario games, to 70′s Motown soul and 90′s alternative rock. 

 Uniquely soulful and melodic, the album is yet another installment in the fast growing discograpy for the British composer and further cements him as a novel emerging talent.

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