Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Radius - Minimal Chops & Loops in Dub EP Vol​.​1 [Beat Tape] [2013]

Radius - Minimal Chops & Loops in Dub EP Vol​.​1 [Beat Tape] 
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 01. Baked Beans No Pork 
 02. In The Moment Only 
 03. Galactus Mode (Whatup Ka?)
 04. One for MARCI to ROC
 05. From Stony to Coney 
 06. Southside Hoods Stay Groovin 
 07. Smash Box 
 08. Smokers Theme Ride Out... 

Radius - Minimal Chops & Loops in Dub EP Vol​.​1 Made for the crate/loop diggin beat head cats and also true roots Dub heads. Started from my ideas of wanting to work with the current ill rap cats, like Roc Marciano & Ka aka Metal Clergy, DOOM, Sean P & of course ‪The OGs that started it all for me, The Wutang Clan. ‬Much respect to the Gods: Rza, Madlib, Dilla, King Tubby, Scientist & Lee "Scratch" Perry as well... 

 My goal was to make an EP related to where I started in hiphop, the chop and loop beat era of Rap. The difference here, is I wanted to do it by paying respects to the Dub pioneers. I REALLY respect both artforms. Wouldn't be where I am in my studio production or live performance without them. I plan to do other volumes. 

 All samples are from VINYL sources. Very little sequencing, majority were looped, manipulated & recorded live, while controlling effects pads. Enjoy. Bless

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