Monday, October 7, 2013

Potholes Music - Lift Off [Compilation] [2013]

Potholes Music - Lift Off [Compilation] 
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01. Equalibrum - Return Journey 
02. Man Mantis - When You're Laughing In The Dark
03. AbJo - Neon Dreams & Ferraris 
04. Black Noi$e - Ethnic Juke
05. Javis FauX - Mint Julep
06. Chris Brassard - I M Weerd 
07. Bolts - Luvblind 
08. Jay Cue - A New Life In The Stars
09. vhvl - abysml 
10. LAKIM - '89 Shine (Raw S#%!)
11. Simon SMTHNG - Authentic 
12. Danny! - Loginska (Remix)
13. BK Beats - Fruition
14. Datahowler - Three Jewels

Potholes Music - Lift Off In keeping with the intergalactic music theme of preceding label compilation Distant Arcade, we asked the Potholes Music artists to put together some exclusive material that knocks just as much as it drifts into the galaxy to create Lift Off. That means there are plenty of spaced-out synthesizers utilized on here, though it's not all huge swashes of sounds you'd hear while traveling to another planet.

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