Monday, October 7, 2013

DJ Skarface - MadDILLAiny (Madvillain vs J Dilla) [Mashup Mixtape] [2013]

DJ Skarface - MadDILLAiny (Madvillain vs J Dilla) [Mashup Mixtape] 
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01. Intro 
02. Raid In The Funke 
03. America's Coldonit 
04. Operation Runnin
05. Strange and Shit
06. Figaro=Won't Do
07. Meat Player 
08. Wild Eye 
09. Shadows of Nasty 
10. My Geek Folder 
11. Hardwaves Hustle

DJ Skarface - MadDILLAiny (Madvillain vs J Dilla) Props to DJ Skarface for sending this over and letting us check it out! Here's some info on DJ Skarface he just moved to Atlanta, GA but rep's Nashville, TN to the fullest. He first got interested in DJing when flipping through channels on TV and stumbled on to the Scratch Documentary on IFC. That was 9 years ago. Hip Hop is his first love but he got caught up in the EDM scene for the past few years promoting and playing a bunch of shows. DJ Skarface's biggest influences are Z-trip and DJ Shadow. Respect to DJ Skarface!

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